MedSolution specializes in developing and manufacturing of innovative laser-phototherapy devices.
The range of application includes general medicine, dental medicine, sports medicine, physiotherapy, naturopathy, veterinary medicine and cosmetics.
MedSolution follows the severe directive for medical devices 93/42/EWG and is certified according to ISO13485. All devices are certified medical devices and bear the CE-sign.

Stationary device
LaserCat : output power= 85 mW
LaserCat500 : output power= 500mW

Portable device
PalmLaser : output power= 100 mW
PalmLaser professional : output power= 200mW
Multiple application fields :
disorders caused by arthrosis
hip dysplasia (HD)
injuries caused by bites
injuries caused by accidents or sharp objects
udder inflammation
wounds after surgery
umbilical hernia
wound healing disturbances
fractures, broken wings
support of scar healing
injuries at tendons, ligaments, muscles
contusions, strains
tackered or sutured wouns
disorders caused by lumbar disk herniation
laminitis caused by microcirculation disturbances


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