Oct 18, 2016
BioChek Mycoplasma ELISA Kits Receive USDA Approval for Turkeys
BioChek, a worldwide leader in veterinary diagnostics, is pleased to announce that their poultry ELISA Mycoplasma kits have been approved by the USDA for use with turkey samples. The Mycoplasma gallisepticum-synoviae combined Antibody test kit (Mg/Ms) along with the single assay format Mycoplasma synoviae (Ms) and Mycoplasma gallisepticum (Mg) Antibody test kits are now all available for use with chickens and turkeys.

Jun 21, 2016
[Closed] BioChek Ring Trial for IBV Antibody Detection Assay

BioChek invites its customers to participate in the Ring Trial for the Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) antibody detection assay.* You can register to participate by signing up before May 9th.

The Ring Trial gives BioChek users the opportunity to test defined IBV-samples with the BioChek IBV antibody ELISA and compare the results to other labs. The results of all participants will be gathered and presented anonymously in a concise report. This way every participant is able to check the accuracy and precision of the results generated with the BioChek IBV ELISA.

The Ring Trial panel set consists of 12 vials (250 µl) containing freeze dried serum samples, reference controls (RS04 and RF11) and instructions.You will be sent a Ring Trial Panel to be run in your lab and report the results back to BioChek. An analysis of your results and a certificate of compliance will be provided upon successful completion.

27 Apr. 2010:
Dr. Ali-Asghar Akbari,chairman of Asineh Pharmaceutical & Health Co., has been selected as
"Distinguished Feature"in Iran veterinary medicine by 16th Iran Veterinary
Congress.In order to glorify his lifelong precious activity in poultry
medicine,the committee called the poultry panel as "Dr.Akbari's Panel".

March 2010:
For the second consecutive time, Asineh won the Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) annual tender for
poultry disease ELISA kits by supplying 98% of IVO requirements.

20 - 22 Apr. 2010:
BioChek stand at viv Utrecht, Netherland Hall 8, B018
13 Apr. 2010:
BioChek New Castle disease ELISA kit registered at USDA

25-27 April 2016 Tehran/Iran
Biochek seminar at 19th Iranian Veterinary Congress.
1.Analyzing the result of the ELISA serology and economic.
2.NDV HI vs ELISA vaccination Monitoring and Diagnose of Disease.

25-27 April 2016 Tehran/Iran
Biochek and Asine stand at Iranian Veterinary Congress.

31 October-3 November 2015 Tehran/Iran
GARTEXH stand at International Exhibition of Poultry,Livestoch,Dairy & Related Industries.

24 June 2010:
To hold seminar for practitionars of Isfahan province arranged by Isfahan Veterinary Directorate General,under the title of "Vaccination Index,a new concept to vaccination".

22 June 2010:
To hold seminar for Iranian veterinary academics and practitionars in the field of poultry medicine,under the title of "Interpretation of the ELISA results".

27-29 Apr. 2010:
To participate in 16th Iranian Veterinary Congress exhibition

1-2 Dec. 2009:
To participate in 1st Iranian Veterinary Laboratory Science Congress exhibition

19 Aug. 2009:
To hold seminar for BioChek veterinary diagnostics under title of "Detection of poultry diseases using ELISA monitoring"

20-21 Feb. 2010:
To participate in 2nd International Veterinary Poultry Congress exhibition in Tehran, Iran

1-3 Mar. 2009:
To hold three seprate training courses for all 30 laboratory technicians of thirty provincial Veterinary General Directorates after winning the 2008 IVO tender







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