About Us


Asineh Pharmaceutical and Health Company was found in 1996 as a general trading company for Iran market. Up to now, we have particularly focused on animal health section with a range of activity on biologicals, diagnostics and feed additives. The products are from reputable companies from EU and USA.


Asineh’s main strategy is always to emphasis on brands to promote Asineh’s name and its partners. To promote the brands, Asineh’s policy is to participate in scientific seminars and congresses as well as industry events such as trade shows held in capital of the state or major metropolitan cities. Moreover, Asineh holds several workshops for the products as well as face to face visits with costumers.
Asineh intends to introduce the company and products to undergraduate veterinary students. We believe that if the students are convinced at early stage of training, it would be highly anticipated that they will remain loyal to the products.
Asineh do not like to ignore even the costumers that might seem less important.

Vision & Value

For our survival and growth, we owe to Asineh’s board concept to serve for the customers, employees and colleges. Relying on our trained and efficient team in all sections, we plan to provide services beyond what customers can receive from competitors. Eventually we provide our employees with healthy and friendly environment and considerable opportunities to guarantee their job security. Asineh always pays special attention to morality and commitment of employees as well as its business partners.